45min-1hour - £11

We pride ourselves on offering small focused groups of a maximimum of 4 dogs, thus ensuring your dog has our full attention at all times. All walks are held within Glasgow Green and are carried out on a lead. Care will be taken to make sure groups contain dogs with similar needs and athletic abilities.

  • Glasgow Green
  • Lead walk
  • Focused group of 4 (Maximum)
  • Controlled


30min - £15

We understand not all dogs are social butterflies or may be too old to play with others and as such need dedicated care. 


  • Glasgow Green

  • Lead walk

  • Individual





20 min pop in - £7*

We all love puppies but we also need to work to keep them in the life to which they have become accustomed. We will come to your home to check up on your puppy. 


  • Play

  • Feed

  • Check

  • Tidy up accidents


This is generally a service available between 9am - 11am and 2.30pm -5pm.


*Discount available for multiple visits in 1 day. 


Please ask for details

We wish to provide a personalised service to fit your dogs needs. 


If you have any requests not listed, please do ask.


  • Bespoke

  • Individual

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